Transportation Multi-dimensional Competence


NeST Digital has a full-fledged Transportation team specializing in developing and manufacturing sophisticated solutions for the Automotive, Locomotive and Urban Transport verticals. NeST Digital has been providing end-to-end services and solutions, to global OEMs and Tier I suppliers, consisting of hardware and software design engineering services, and vertically integrated manufacturing. NeST Digital’s software expertise spans develops genres including Firmware, Embedded Software, Device drivers, FPGA programming & Application Software for all transportation Applications.

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  • Electronic Control Units
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Autosar
  • Train protection warning system
  • Passenger transit buses
  • Automatic fare collection


Automotive was one of the first fields that capitalized on the prowess of electronics to upgrade the various systems used in vehicles to communicate, monitor, control, navigate and entertain. No wonder, the level of sophistication and intelligence built into in-vehicle systems such as engine controls, power train, comfort functions such as infotainment, navigation, passive and active safety, etc and transportation infrastructure such as toll collection, automated ticketing etc is increasing exponentially with the emergence of new hardware and software platforms, communication protocols and induction of new age technologies such as analytics and AI. The Transportation team of NeST Digital strives to provide better solutions to OEMs and Tier I vendors for overcoming the challenges of the technology curve, competition and increasing customer expectations.

Apart from these changes in the Automotive sector, emergence of Electric vehicles and Autonomous vehicles has been the major trend in the recent past. Not surprisingly, NeST Digital Transportation team has kept pace with developments in this field also.

Services and Solutions

Infotainment & Connected Vehicles

Connected to the internet, vehicles communicate with the physical environment and other vehicles around them. Here comes the need of Infotainment – the combination of information and entertainment, and Telematics – the combination of telecommunication and informatics.

With its competencies in infotainment and embedded skills, NeST Digital adds value to next generation state-of-art Vehicle Infotainment and Telematics. The technology explosions in consumer electronics industry along with intuitive and simple design enhances passenger experience in a car. Following is the list of products NeST Digital can deliver:

  • In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems
  • Toll Collection systems
  • Telematics unit o On-board Telematics unit
  • HMI Screens
  • Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) systems

Expertise in Telematics and Connected Vehicle infotainment:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • AGL & GENIVI-based IVI systems development

Following is the list of NeST Digital competence in Telematics and Connected Vehicle Infotainment:

  • Multimedia Application
  • Imaging Applications
  • Over the Air Update
  • Communication Applications
  • Navigation Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Cloud computing
  • Vehicle Function & Diagnostics

Electric Vehicle Chargers

In order to address the challenges faced in the scarcity of non-renewable energy resources and the effects of pollution, the automotive industry is looking towards electric vehicles. NeST Digital offers EV Quick chargers and On-board chargers, across the Electric vehicle mobility segment. On the other hand, the dependency upon electronic devices is increasing drastically, where the need of power is being met only partially. An effective solution to meet the power needs is to have a power source on board.

With a unique design architecture, the Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions (EVCS) of NeST Digital are tailored for US/EU/China/Indian markets. The EVCS from NeST Digital perfectly adheres to the industry compliance standards from IEC, SAE and NEC.

Hardware Domain

  • Hardware Design and manufacturing for:
    • Control Electronics (MCU, DSC etc.)
    • Power Electronics (PFC, DC-DC, Inverters etc.)
  • Modular Design topologies
  • Mechanical & Industrial designing
  • Electrical and Mechanical Simulations and analysis.
  • Compliance and Certification testing

Software Domain

  • Expertise in SW development for
    • Charger – Vehicle communication (PLC, CAN)
    • Power Electronics coordinator
    • User Communication (Wi-Fi, GSM etc.)
    • EV Infrastructure Communication (OCPP)
    • Mobile Apps for EV users (Android/iOS)
  • Power electronics control algorithms (PFC, DC-DC etc.) for High efficiency and rapid response for multiple power levels.
  • Algorithms for data analysis and simulation in stationary and synchronous domain control topologies (Clark Transform, Park Transform, dq0 transform, SPWM, SVPWM etc.)
  • Control and Monitoring SW for Battery Management with Fault Diagnostics.
  • Autocode, Modeling, Simulation and analysis for Digital Power Control applications (MATLAB).
  • EV Protocols (SAE – J1772, GB/T, CHAdeMO).

Instrument Cluster/HUD

NeST Digital is the hub for hardware, software & manufacturing services which offer Instrument Cluster solutions to OEMs and Tier 1s. NeST Digital offers Digital Instrument Cluster with easily expandable infotainment applications and second generation Heads up Display with TFT Display, LED driver and Mirror across this segment. NeST Digital’ knowledge in automotive product development lifecycle, platforms and framework automatically takes care of architectural complexity.

The platform expertise ranges from Freescale-i.MX, Vybrid, Renesas-RH850, and operating system expertise in Embedded Linux, AGL.

HUD Feature competencies:

  • Display of APIX data received from driver information module
  • Backlight control based on forward luminance, twilight sensor, tunnel entry
  • Mirror positioning and calibration
  • Unified Diagnostic services and DTC logging

Cluster feature competencies:

  • Trip management
  • Fuel management
  • Tell Tale warning and management
  • Software upgrade from USB thumb drive
  • Error recovery mechanism using watchdog
  • Fail-safe mechanism in software upgrade
  • Intelligent fuel management implementation
  • Support for multiple themes
  • Smooth rendering/animation of gauges
  • UI Design
  • Cluster application and design
  • High performance rendering capability

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles are self-driving vehicles, in other words. The Autonomous vehicles use different sensors for sensing different physical parameters. Based upon these parameters, decisions are to be made in situations like choosing a route dynamically, controlling the vehicle speed etc. NeST Digital’ proficiency lies in its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Image processing dexterity.

The competency of the Transportation team in AI lies in its dedicated AI expert team. Deep learning, Feature Space Engineering & Neural network design for image detection and recognition in MATLAB, and Natural Language processing & Image recognition with Tensorflow are some of the major areas the team aims at. To be specific, following are the AI competencies that the Transportation team makes itself worthy enough in the contemporary AI market.


  • Deep neural network design with Nvidia Digits platform.
  • Caffe based design of convolutional neural networks.
  • GPU accelerated processing platform implementation.
  • Matlab based accelerated algorithm design and testing.
  • Machine learning based natural language processing for sentiment understanding and extractions.
  • Image detection and recognition with convolutional neural networks with application in Advance driver assistance systems.
  • Machine learning for RF signal processing and indoor location mapping.
  • Neural network based image feature extraction.

NeST Digital leverages deep focus on Image Processing through its competencies in image enhancement, pattern recognition and feature extraction using the image processing tools such as Matlab, Labview and OpenCV. Categorizing into Pattern Recognition, Image Enhancement and Feature Extraction, following are the Image Processing competencies of our Transportation team.

Image processing Competencies:

Pattern Recognition:

  • Template Matching
  • Neural Network Based Image Segmentation
  • Edge Based Methods
  • Level Set Based Segmentation
  • Region Growing

Image Enhancement:

  • Intensity based Transformations
  • Statistics based Transformations
  • Geometric Transformation-Inverse

Feature extraction:

  • Wavelet Transforms
  • Hough Transform
  • Intensity Based Features
  • Key Point Based (SIFT, SURF, Haris).

Vehicle Electronics

With cost as a parameter, a recent study has projected that more than 50% of an automobile will be comprised of electronic components by 2030, which was only 15% in 1990!

NeST Digital offers different Vehicle Electronics solutions. The unmatched expertise in automotive hardware and firmware design and manufacturing is yet-another added asset. The quality of NeST Digital in Vehicle Electronics solutions lies in adhering to ISO/TS 16949 standards. On the other hand, complying with ISO 26262 standards, we provide functional safety of the Vehicle Electronics. Alongside meeting these hardware standards, we stick to MISRA C coding standards and AUTOSAR design standards.

Communication protocols used:

  • CAN
  • CAN FD
  • LIN
  • MOST

Vehicle Electronics solutions:

  • Body Control Modules (BCMs)
  • Transmission Control Modules (TCMs)
  • Gateways
  • Diagnostic modules

Diagnostic protocols:

  • UDS
  • KWP2000
  • OBD2
  • J1939

Platform Competencies

Platform competencies for various automotive offerings

Communication protocols used

  • Infotainment & Connected Vehicles
    • Hardware platform-i.MX6, Blackfin, OMAP JACINTO, Tegra-II, Renesas R Car
    • HMI-Qt, GTK, 3rd Party HMI Tools, Open GL, ALTIA
    • Linux and Android platforms

Vehicle Electronics


  • Vector GENy (CANbedded),
  • CANalyzer,CANoe
  • DaVinci Configurator Pro


Hardware Platforms

  • Freescale –Kinetis, MPC
  • TI – MSP430, TMS470, CC2x, CC3x
  • Infineon – AURIX
  • Cypress – Traveo series
  • ST Micro
  • OS Platforms
  • MQX
  • TI – RTOS
  • uC OS – II
  • uITRON
  • Free RTOS


Competencies over Locomotive sector includes:

  • Infotainment & Displays
  • Rolling Stock Body Control Units
  • Rolling Stock Power Electronics

The Locomotive services delivered by NeST Digital are compliant with the following Railway standards:

  • EN 50126: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety of RAMs
  • EN 50128: Railway applications – Communication, signaling and processing systems
  • EN 50129: Railway applications. Communication, signaling and processing systems, and safety related electronic systems for signaling
  • EN 50155: Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • EN 45545: Railway applications – Fire protection on railway vehicles

Services and Solutions

Train Management Systems

A Train Management System (TMS) is a sophisticated system implemented for the effective operation of trains. A TMS is used to ensure effective train routing, signaling and diversion. Following are the areas where NeST Digital Transportation team has been successfully providing concept-to-build solutions in TMS:

  • Monitoring and Control
  • Data acquisition
  • Passenger Information Systems
  • User Interface

On-Board Train Systems

Technology always strives to better the quality of life in all its aspects, personal and professional, and NeST Digital has invested in solutions for ensuring safe transit of trains through high-quality On-Board Train Systems.

  • Central Control Panels
  • On-board Electronics
  • Gauges and Instrument
  • Gateways
  • Displays, Panels
  • Diagnostics
  • DC-DC converters

Business Support Systems

Complementing the locomotive ecosystem is the Business Support Systems which play a major role in effective management and service delivery. The areas where our Transportation team has vertically integrated solution capabilities are:

  • Ticketing modules
  • Access Gates
  • Point of Sales Units

ECU and Gateways

Train Communication Network (TCN) components and Gateways is another area of locomotives, where NeST Digital has good total solution experience.

  • TCN Components
  • Gateways
  • CAN/Ethernet
  • CAN/RS485
  • Tools
  • CAN Analyzer
  • RS485 Analyzer
  • CANoe
  • Protocols
  • Profibus
  • RS485/RS488/RS232
  • MIL 1553
  • CAN/A-Bus
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi


NeST partners with prime Global Aerospace OEMs since 3 decades, bringing in unmatched value to its customers, contributing to evolving modernization of aviation technologies. Nest together with SFO Technology, has vertically integrated supply chain solutions including; Design & Engineering, Manufacturing, Plastics, Metal, System Integration, Cable Harness, Software Services, and AM support.

Services and Solutions

Key Offerings to enable you to keep pace with the market trends

Software Engineering Services

  • Complete lifecycle support for safety critical on-board and ground systems across aerospace projects.
  • Displays & FDM Software

Mechanical & Structural Engineering Services

  • Entire life cycle solutions, CAD, CAE, reliability, and documentation.

Electronics Engineering Services

  • Hardware engineering services, board design, design analysis, and simulations
  • RF & Microwave Design
  • FPGA
  • Optical and Optoelectronic Design

ATE & Test Engineering Services

  • Strong process and standards for test equipment design and development, Validation Testing, Test system design, Qualification Testing

Digital Aviation – Core Competence

Developing software to power:

  • Cockpit Electronics
  • Proximity Switch Electronics
  • Missile Electronics
  • Under Water Sensing
  • SMFD and Multi-Function Display
  • Head-up Display
  • Fibre Optic based Fly by Light solutions
  • Data Acquisition systems
  • Thermal Imaging & Night Vision

Recorder Products

  • FliSAFE
  • FliQS
  • OmniSMS
  • FliGIS
  • 3DFliSAFE


FliSAFE-is a Safety Management FDM/FOQA Tool that helps airlines to identify, classify and manage risks for the safety of flight operations and provides you with a framework to build a sound business.supports a wide range of data recording devices, including tape and solid state FDRs, HHDLUs, QARs, DARs, PC cards from DMUs and wireless data lnks in different formats (bin, fld, dat, fdr, dlu, raw etc).Features include parameter/Exceedance/warnings configuration, color graphical traces with on-screen scaling, engineering unit lists, raw data views, graphical/readout reports, data quality reporting, support for printing and exporting, creation of parameter display groups for quick report creation, trend reports etc. FliSAFE is used by airlines that wish to carry out an FDM, FDA, or FOQA Program that follows the rules, regulations and/or guide-lines set out by ICAO (Amendment 26 to Annex 6 – Operation of Aircraft, Part 1), the FAA (FAR Part 13, Subpart I, Sec. 13.401; 14 CFR Part


The 3D flight visualization & animation software system


Flight Quality Studio is used to improve Airline operational/Maintenance efficiency & reduce operational/Maintenance cost .Key features are

  1. Engine & Airplane Health Monitoring
  2. Fuel Management solutions
  3. Airline operational efficiency improvement programs


OmniSMS ® is NextGen Aviation Safety Management System (SMS). Supports an Airline’s safety and quality management efforts with a complete SMS solution – totally customizable to the size and scope of an Airline, the type(s) of operations they conduct, and the standards an Airline need to meet.

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