Case Study


The customer is a technology and solution provider in the P&C Insurance domain. They did a The customer is a US-based technology and solutions company who is the premier source of Information in the Insurance risk in the Property &Casuality Insurance industry. The dierent Business Units of the customer were providing proprietary software applications belonging to several technology generations to various end clients (Insurance providers) in the US. This necessitates maintaining a large and expensive pool of resources, specialised in technologies ranging from legacy mainframe coding languages (like Cobol) to modern web engineering platforms (Microsoft .NET, JEE, etc), to provide on-going support to these clients. The customer was looking for a cost-eective, yet, reliable alternative to this arrangement.


NeST Digital devised a solution that would enable the customer to keep delivering the same quality of support to its clients but at a fraction of the original cost.
The solution involved creating an Offshore Development Centre (ODC) in our India development facility staed with the right mix of resources with the requisite domain (P & C Insurance) and technology (mainframe and web technologies) skills. This team of resources was made available to the customer on a dedicated basis, and, in turn, was ably supported by another team of onsite resources placed at the customer’s premises in the USA who would co-ordinate between the ODC and customer’s IT team.

This ODC-based solution, originally implemented in 2005 with 12 resources offshore and 4 resources onsite, has taken care of requirement gathering, development, testing, delivery and production support of the applications of the various end clients on all the required technology platforms. Currently, the team size has grown to 48 resources offshore and 12 resources onsite,the surest indication of the customer’s satisfaction with NeST Digital’s service delivery and expertise.



Physical access to the ODC work area is restricted with electronic access control facilities. The intention is to restrict access to areas where sensitive, valuable, or critical information can be found.


The ODC for the customer is implemented as a separate subnet inside NeST internal network and is access controlled. The only resources outside of the ODC team who have access to the subnet are authorized personnel from the network administration group and the NeST internal audit team.

There are multiple levels of security for accessing the clients systems. The ODC resources use a secureID key token along with client controlled domain credentials to access the client network through a Citrix connection or VMware Horizon client to log into a remote desktop provided by the client for each oshore resource.

There are 2 high bandwidth internet connections for the ODC one primary and the other for redundancy to ensure necessary bandwidth as well as availability.


Having dedicated oshore teams and onsite coordinators for each business area of the client, NeST is able to provide nearly round the clock service to the client through proper communication and coordination between nest teams. The requirements are collected by the coordinators by working with the users directly. The oshore team takes care of the development, unit testing, integration testing and migration of the code for user acceptance testing. The onsite and oshore teams work together on the user acceptance and migration to production. This way, the oshore teams work as an extension of the client’s team and are seamlessly integrated with the clients IT environment.

This assignment, which originally commenced in 1999 as a pure onsite placement of skilled resources (People Solution) ramped through hybrid deployment model (combined onsite and oshore) to the ODC model and exemplifies most such engagements of NeST Digital.


NeST Digital, part of the US $ 200 m NeST Group, is a premier company specialized in providing software services and solutions to customers from diverse verticals like Aerospace, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Utilities, Healthcare , Manufacturing, etc. The company works with multifarious technology platforms, including Microsoft, Oracle, Open Source and legacy (mainframe), and combines domain expertise with proven skills in GIS, enterprise mobility and web technologies to create both custom applications and implement COTS solutions to meet the business requirements of its customers, which include start-ups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies in equal measure.