Case Study


A US based company that provides innovative products and solutions in the Industrial and Energy domain The customer business consists of innovative products and solutions which are meant for rural regions across the world and hence need to be very cost effective without compromising on quality or functionality. The specific project scope consisted of design, development and prototyping an Industrial IoT solution for monitoring and control power generation and distribution systems. The customer had very stringent solution pricing strategy along with complex real time algorithms to be implemented in the end devices. NeST Digital has designed and delivered end to end solution consisting of field IoT hardware / embedded devices, communication network, local real-time interface software and cloud based central monitoring & control software.

Solution Methodology

This was a concept to build project wherein NeST Digital had to come up with detailed specification of the solution from customer’s business needs. NeST Digital did the detailed specification of complete IoT and monitoring solution starting with field IoT devices, embedded intelligence in the end devices, RF communication network, on-site monitoring software and central cloud based monitoring and control software.

Based on the approved specification, NeST Digital further designed and developed the solution, prototyped and field tested before finally delivering to the customer.

The various components in the solution were:

  • Customized low-cost solution was developed based on customer price targets.
  • Reduction in operational cost by custom implementation of RF network in the license free band.
  • Auxiliary range extender devices to increase RF mesh reachability.
  • Auxiliary RF based display unit for end consumer notifications.
  • Easy & fast implementation & commissioning of field IoT devices along with its communication network.
  • Implementation of algorithms to automatically detect abnormal conditions and take corrective actions, thereby reducing need for local experts.
  • A cloud based solution for experts to monitor remotely and carry out actions required to upkeep of the power generation system thereby reducing need for field visits.
  • Provision for multiple levels of authorization to the system.


  • A cost-effective and effective IoT solution for control and monitoring of power generation and distribution
  • Quick to install and operate.
  • Cloud based monitoring & control, virtually carry out most of important actions remotely, thereby eliminating need for expert man power locally which is very essential for rural region applications


  • ARM Cortex M3 Sub -1 GHz RF SoC (Microcontroller unit)
  • Poly channel AFE
  • Digital Outputs, CTs
  • External RTC controller
  • External Flash and EEPROM
  • Power failure, Overcurrent & Tamper sensors
  • RF supporting auxiliary display unit with battery


  • OS : Embedded Unix based OS, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Programming Language: C
  • Networking protocols: 6LPAN Suit, TCP/IP, IPV6
  • Drivers: RF, RTC, AFE, Flash, EEPROM, DO & DI controllers
  • Tool Chain: GNU


  • CMMI ML5
  • ISO 9001 : 2015
  • ISO 27001 : 2013


  • C++, Java J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Angular JS, Bootstrap, HTML5, Amazon web service cloud, Jasper Dynamic reporting, Highchart



About NeST Digital

NeST Digital Pvt Ltd, the flagship arm of the diversified conglomerate, the NeST Group provides end-toend design-engineering-software-manufacturing solutions to clients across geographies such as the USA,Canada, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Japan, Australia, and India. NeST Digital has invested in building competence, scale and standards compliant process framework, in PCBA, fibre optics, Cable & wire Harness,Magnetics, High Level Assembly, VLSI design, embedded software development, etc. NeST Digital’s capabilities transcend the plain vanilla “Build-to-Spec or Build-to-Print” EMS and our ODM+ solutions are rapidly redefining standards for the OEMs across Aerospace & Defence, Communications, Transportation, Healthcare and Energy & Industrial domains.