Case Study


The customer is a card service provider and electronic salary management company in Dubai,UAE, which operates in partnership with a leading financial institution. The Ministry of Labor in the UAE Government had introduced certain changes in labor laws of the country, strictly enforcing regulations to ensure that incidents of employees not getting paid as per agreements by private employers do not take place. As part of the regulations, it was mandated that employers need to automate the salary disbursement processes through smart cards, file status reports with Government departments and make available help desks to resolve employee issues.

The employers of the country were seeking the services of a firm who could facilitate all these tasks and also interact with banks, regulators, card issuers etc. The customer decided to utilize this opportunity with the help of a suitable IT solution to automate the processes. Additional complexities were added in this project by the large number of salary accounts that had to be opened and serviced (running into tens of thousands as it mainly involved contract labor of large companies). Since the banks were not willing to issue individual accounts to all these employees, virtual accounts had to be created for facilitating payments. NeST was retained to create the software application and requisite IT infrastructure for automating the multifarious processes involved.


Turnkey Solution (Custom application & supply of hardware)


NeST undertook a Turnkey model of project execution taking in account the complexity and regulatory compliance requirements associated with this project. Thhe proposed application was required to automate complex business processes and workflows involving key stake-holders such as employer, card issuer, Banks, UAE Central Bank, etc and involved use of secure technologies like SFTP.

  • Systems study to capture user requirements and regulatory mandates
  • Design and implementation of the network backbone at customer’s data centre
  • Design, development, testing, implementation and commissioning of a Microsoft .NET application (web-based, with MS SQL Server back-end) to automate the various business processes.
  • Integration with other IT systems and applications.
  • Maintenance and support for the application (including enhancements thereof) – which is on-going since 2009.

NeST Digital handled the project on a blended delivery model, with resources deployed both onsite at customer premises and oshore at our development centre. We had to ensure security and privacy of the data pertaining to the thousands of employees were not compromised due to vulnerabilities in the application. The project was completed ahead of schedule and the customer appreciated the professionalism and dedication displayed by the NeST Digital team.

The robust nature of the application and the satisfaction it generated in the customer is proven by the fact that the customer requisitioned NeST Digital’s services again in 2013 when they were commencing similar operations in Qatar.

About NeST Digital

NeST Digital, part of the US $ 200 m NeST Group, is a premier company specialized in providing software services and solutions to customers from diverse verticals like Aerospace, Banking &Financial Services, Insurance, Utilities, Healthcare , Manufacturing, etc. The company works with multifarious technology platforms, including Microsoft, Oracle, Open Source and legacy (mainframe), and combines domain expertise with proven skills in GIS, enterprise mobility and web technologies to create both custom applications and implement COTS solutions to meet the business requirements of its customers, which include start-ups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies in equal measure.