Power & Industrial Comprehensive Solutions

Catalyzing digital disruption in industrial and energy segment

Our three decades of presence in the energy & industrial segment and respective accumulated domain knowledge forms foundation of our offerings to our world leading customers. Our knowledge of plant/equipment operational challenges (include OT and IT layer) and expertise in digital technologies is a unique combination helping us to be a most valued partner to our customers. We operate in Power & Smart Grid, O&G, Water, Hi-Tech Factory Automation, Building Automation and Equipment & Tools sub-verticals.

Success Stories

Digital Transformations

Approach Digital Transformation as a use-case-driven initiative than a technology-driven one. We are uniquely positioned for the same, thanks to 3 decades of OT expertise foundation of NeST. Customers collaborate with us to identify, define, develop, test, scale & deploy and improve the digital solutions making use of our expertise in IIoT, AI/DL/ML, AR/VR, BigData and DCE-Digital Customer Experience. We also enable our customers to have new revenue streams through as-a-service business models of digital technologies

Realize solutions that guaranty RoI by way of improving efficiency through preventive maintenance, asset performance management, intelligent solutions (example: AOI), digital field support etc. to address the specific problems of data-heavy, asset intensive industrial requirements.

Our end-to-end services for digital transformation include Assessment Service (Problem Definition), Solution Service (Solution Architecture), Platform Implementation (Infrastructure), Application Service (Solving a problem with IIoT) and IIoT Operations (Operating the IIoT infrastructure).

Areas of Focus

Next-Gen OT systems for Process Control (Power Generation, T&D and Smart grid, O&G, Water)

  • Software: SCADA, DCS, RM&D, APM, GIS, WFMS, Industry Standard Protocols, RM&D, APM, Preventive Maintenance, Web & Cloud Applications
  • Embedded Systems: RTUs, PLCs, Invertors, Relays, IEDs, UPS, IoT enablement of devices, Transmitters, final control elements, Gateways, Industry Standard Protocols, Edge Computing

Manufacturing Automation (Electronics, Semiconductor, Automotive manufacturing)

  • Software: Equipment Automation, MES (Production Management System), Industry 4.0 Components
  • Embedded Systems: RTUs, PLCs, Data Concentrators, Gateways, AOI, Edge Computing, Special Purpose Hardware

Technology Competencies


Edge Solutions (IoT Enablement of devices, Edge Analytics, Edge Controller, Edge Data Concentrator)

  • Control Systems, Real Time OS, Virtualization, IOT Edge Software Stack, Edge Analytics, IoT Protocols, Industrial Protocols, Device Identity

Digital Platform & Solutions (Solution Accelerators)

  • NeST IoT platform, Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, Predix, Enterprise Solutions

Big Data (Expertise in all popular platforms)

  • Hadoop, HDFS, HBASE, Apache Spark, Flume, Kafka, Kafka Streams, Cassandra, Neo4J, InfluxDB, Kairos

Artificial Intelligence (Building application-specific AI solutions)

  • Tensor Flow, Theano, Caffe, Tourch, Keras, SciKitLearn, AzureML

Cloud Native Technologies (adapting futuristic technologies)

  • Docker, Kubernetes, Micro Services, Message Brokers, DevOps, Git, Artifactory

Web & Mobile (Digital Customer Experience)

  • HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular, React, Cordova, Progressive Web Apps, NodeJS
Traditional: Desktop Software
  • Applications, Middleware & frameworks, Libraries & APIs, Device Drivers, System Software, User Experience
Web & Mobile Apps
  • Web Applications, Native Mobile Apps, App Frameworks, Hybrid/Cross Platform, Wearables, Device Optimizations
  Technologies: Server System: C++ Proprietary, COM/DCOM, C#, .NET , Remoting, WCF, ASP, .NetCore, WebAPI, SOA, JNI, Spring, Spring Boot Front-end: JAVA, SWING, WPF, MFC, Qt, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular, ReactJS, Cordova & React Native Database: SQL(MSSQL, MySQL, POSTGRESQL), Mongo DB, Cassandra

Services and Solutions

New Product Development

NeST has been a market leader and one of the premier companies in providing Central Bank mandated payment and other banking applications to some of the major banks in the Middle East, particularly in UAE. With its vast suite of products tailor made to help banks achieve compliance, NeST has been at the forefront of providing a plethora of compliance banking solutions in the payment space for banks in the Middle East

Value Engineering

We help our customers to solve problems, identify and eliminate unwanted costs and improve functionality and quality of their product, whether it is software or the complete system including hardware. We have mastered the process (systematic, organized approach) in the value engineering process to optimize initial and long-term investment, deriving the best possible value cost-effectively.

Heritage Product Sustenance

We understand the importance of heritage products of our customers, in their business. We take over the pain sustain such products to release customers team to focus on their future (new product development). We help to bug fix, refactor, migrate, and port such products to enhance its life span by making it stable and robust. We are specialist in providing L2 and L3 support with all required systems, tools, skills and process. We also provide end-to-end sustenance (L1~L3) support as needed by some of our clients.

PoCs and Pilots

Are you looking for building a quick feasibility study, PoC or run a pilot project? You have reached the right partner. We support very quickly and cost-effectively take up such projects and help our customer to decide on the way forward. We also offer consultancy services refine the roadmaps and finalize the technology options etc.

Testing & Test Automation, DevOps

Rapid and continuous integration, development & deployment is of business-critical for modern applications in every domain. Industrial and energy vertical is not an exception. The OT, IT and OT-IT integration applications across diverse platforms requires seamless collaboration among development, test automation, & operations teams. with all required systems, tools, skills and process. Implementing integrated T&TA and DevOps technologies and respective practices helps to improves the quality of code, increases the response rate of business changes and inculcates detect the defects early. Our customer partner with si to leverage this to build an environment of growth.

Digital Transformation of products

We help customers to upgrade the existing software suits with digital customer experience (digital front-end) by way of developing the custom middleware and intuitive mobile and web UI experience. Also, customers collaborate with us to identify, define, develop, test, scale & deploy and improve the digital solutions making use of our expertise in IIoT, AI/DL/ML, AR/VR and Big Data capabilities. Customers also collaborate with us to build new revenue streams through as-a-service business models of digital technologies.

Success Stories


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