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Healthcare business unit, offers advanced software solutions with a focus on evolving market needs and new ways to deliver value by reducing time-to-market and keeping pace with next-gen digital capabilities using emerging technologies like IoT, Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics.

Success Stories

Digital Transformational Initiatives

NeST Digital Healthcare business unit enhances the digital experience of those we serve by engineering the products and solutions used by providers in collaboration with others who share our values. NeST Digital has been providing end-to-end services and solutions to top global healthcare OEMs consisting of hardware and software design engineering services, and vertically integrated manufacturing. Our engineering team with more than two decades of expertise in various healthcare technologies and medical device manufacturing offers end-to-end application development for healthcare systems, development of clinical applications, digital technology transformation initiatives adhering to the industry regulatory standards.

  • IoT – Real-time data sharing from various healthcare systems and wearables with the help of connected sensors and devices from the Internet of Things ecosystem
  • Cloud – Designing Scalable infrastructure on cloud boosting productivity, efficiency, and ensuring compliance with strict HIPAA standards
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning –Solutions to enhance the quality of automation and intelligent decision-making
  • Data Analytics – Solutions for seamless multi-platform and multi-device support for data collection and visualization which helps to focus on identifying patterns and correlations, and makes data analysis more efficient.
  • AR and VR – Healthcare applications which blend 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality enable a far more vivid experience for health professionals during training, and when they treat and operate on patients.

Technology Competencies

Digital Technology

  • Solution architecture, design, development & deployment of healthcare applications on web/cloud and mobile platforms
  • Full life cycle application support for custom and enterprise healthcare applications
  • Custom web application design and development, enhancement, migration and support.
  • Stream/live data processing, data visualization tools, reporting tools etc.
  • Design & development of interactive map-based analytics/dashboards
  • Clinical workflow improvement, Customizable Widgets and Graphs based on Hospital needs.
  • Rich User Experience, Dynamic user interfaces for complex tasks.
  • Web services & back office integration.

Embedded & IoT Engineering

  • Integration of Protocols such as secured MQTT, HTTPS and Web sockets
  • Device Driver Customization and Integration for Embedded Linux
  • Device driver development and protocol integration for MCU based devices
  • Designing of Scalable IoT Infrastructure on public or hybrid clouds (Security, Performance, Geo Distribution)
  • Monitoring and Management of Infrastructure for scalability, versioning, patches security etc.
  • IOT Infrastructure integration on device side
  • Device Integration : Development of secure adapters to interface with Cloud end points
  • Enterprise Integration: Wi-Fi WPA Enterprise security, NFC integration, RFID Integration on device side
  • Security integration using OpenSSL, WolfSSL etc.
  • Integrating Wireless technology stacks on device side(WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC etc.)

Healthcare System Integration

  • Integration between healthcare systems through IHE profiles
  • Hospital System Interface development
  • Implementation of cross enterprise data sharing & clinical data exchange
  • Migration/porting of existing patient/clinical data to new systems
  • Integration of legacy radiology
  • Implementation/integration of Tele-Medicine & Tele-Radiology
  • Highly skilled resources as service

Medical Imaging & Diagnostics

  • Modality application development for X-Ray, US & MR modalities
  • C-ARM dual monitor image viewer with advanced image processor unit
  • Responsive multi-touch GUI application for X-Ray system.
  • Image Enhancements
  • X-ray calibration and hardware self-servicing features
  • Intelligent measurement and annotation capabilities
  • Filter Implementation
  • Image Processing & GPU programming
  • Algorithm Implementation
  • Structural Dose report generation
  • Post Processing
  • Quick annotation support
  • USB Print / Export
  • DICOM Interoperability: Work list, Print, PACS export for XA, SC & SR image types
  • Adjustments, calibrations and hardware self-servicing features

Verification & Validation

  • Test Automation of Windows Desktop Applications, Web Applications, Mobile Applications
  • Test Automation Framework development
  • Regression Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • GUI Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Localization testing
  • API Testing
  • Platform Testing
  • Continuous Integration

Areas of Focus

  • Diagnostic Imaging systems (such as X-Ray, CT, US, MRI)
  • Critical Life supporting systems
  • ECG Machines
  • Patient Monitoring Systems
  • Clinical Applications
  • Device integration and interoperability
  • Digital transformation (IoT, Cloud, AI)
  • Life Science Products
  • Verification & Validation

Services and Solutions

Web Solutions

Web solutions enable healthcare providers to reduce with the ability to find more information faster and easier, thereby time spending to find patient information will be reduced, mistakes will be alleviated, and management will be easier. NeST Digital excels in end to end full stack web application development using various modern development platforms for Clinical Applications, Online consultation, Analytical Dashboards, Patient Monitoring and Clinical Data Management Systems.

IoT & Cloud Solutions

Wearable technology and Healthcare IoT are being prevalently used in the healthcare sector to track and monitor various data related to patient care. NeST Digital offer capabilities in medical device design and manufacturing, device connectivity, cloud integration and data analytics as a one-stop solution for our customers. NeST Digital has expertise in designing Scalable IoT Infrastructure on public or hybrid clouds, IOT Infrastructure integration on device side, Monitoring and Management of Infrastructure, MCU Based sensor system Device Gateway are some of the areas were.

Analytics & AI Solutions

AI and analytics helps in developing next generation radiology tools and creating new possibilities to optimize the clinical workflows. It helps in creating more precise analytics for pathology images, thereby help pathologists to make accurate diagnoses, and manage their care. NeST Digital expertise in AI based and Analytics apps development helps clients to optimize the initiatives, accelerate revenue growth and reinvent strategic business functions. We are experts in developing smart applications integrating neural network, Natural Language Processing, voice interface extension for EMR, intelligent prescription mechanism, abnormality detection from X-Ray images and data model creation.

Test Automation & V&V

Medical devices and healthcare applications are very critical as they have a direct impact on the life of patients. Medical device manufacturers are continuously innovating the devices with the help of software to deliver safe experiences to patients. However, the software comes with the risk of defects and bugs. NeST Digital’s QA team has expertise in end to end automation test support, automated UI testing, API testing, performance testing, Test script migration, Configure-create test suites, CI/CD pipeline integration. Verification and validation of medical devices and healthcare applications include functional & Integration testing, Platform testing (Desktop/Web/mobile) Performance/Scalability testing, Compatibility testing, Localization Testing and Regulatory Compliance.

Cyber Security

Integration of security best practices across software development lifecycle process. Security assessment against specific application security criteria, such as Penetration Testing, Vulnerability scanning and management, Static Application Security Test (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Test (DAST) Conformance testing for HIPAA compliance such as authentication security, identity access management, access control, encryption and audit controls. Automated and manual assessments of systems to identify potential security threats and misconfigurations


Analyze, Build, Orchestrate, Test and Deployment tasks, Implement CI/CD across various applications. Design and implement DevOps best practices. Expertise in environment setup infrastructure, virtualization, configuration and test data management. Experience in delivering CI/CD across multiple projects. Expertise in building automation across DevOps cycle and process for release management

Enterprise Application Solutions

NeST Digital has built up a formidable reputation among Healthcare OEMs and Medical Device manufacturing companies through high quality delivery of innovative and complex product solutions such as Medical diagnostic imaging software, radiology image viewers for X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound and MR modalities, Advanced Visualization and Algorithm Implementation, DICOM workflow integration, Patient management, Calibration and self-servicing.


Hospitals are considering ways to better integrate healthcare technology in order to increase the quality and personalization of care that patients receive. NeST Digital has extensive experience in Medical Equipment interface/data integration, Interoperability solutions using FHIR, DICOM, HL7, IHE standards and integration for EMRs such as EPIC and OSCAR.

Platform Competencies

Full Stack:
  • HTML5, Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS, Express, ReactNative, Kotlin, Android,/ iOS, MongoDB, REST, Microservices, SpringBoot, MySQL, CosmosDB, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud.
IoT & Cloud:
  • Bluetooth, LoRa, WiFi, MQTT, HTTPS, RFID, Ethernet, ZigBee, NFC, NB-IoT, 2G, 4G LTE, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
Artificial Intelligence:
  • MS Luis, MS Cognitive Services, Google Cloud Speech API, MS Bot Framework, Azure Bot Service, Tensorflow, Keras, Python
Test Automation
  • Selenium, Java, Maven, Cucumber, Specflow, Jmeter, Jasmine, Junit, nunit, AutoIt, QTP, Qtest, Azure Test Plans.
Embedded Application:
  • C, C++, Qt, QML, NXP, TI, Phytech, timesys, yocto, Atmel, Microchip, Quectel, Maxim Integrated, InvenSense
Cyber Security:
  • SonarQube, BurpSuite, Flawfinder, OpenVAS, NMAP.
  • Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub, GitLab, HELM, Terraform, Ansible.

Success Stories