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NeST GIS is a products and services entity under NeST Digital Technologies, offering advanced geospatial solutions with a focus on government, cadastral, utilities, transportation and facilities management. One of the NeST’s key differentiators in the industry is that it is a software development company that has added GIS as a horizontal technology focus area, rather than a ‘mapping’ company attempting software development in GIS. We help to GIS‐enable the business processes of our clients. NeST GIS has a strong focus in offering services built upon Esri technology. Besides providing data development and application development services, we have specialized in technology migration and GIS consulting services.

Success Stories

Whether you are looking at the best delivery routes, managing the assets spatially or confront with a strategic location problem – GIS is the go-to technology for Enterprises, Governments and consumers. Our proven track record on services and solutions make smart mapping applications possible, turning location data into a key driver for your business growth.

We closely work with leading Engineering & Utility companies, Federal & Government departments, County & Local Administrations, Transportation and Urban Planning bodies across the globe to create a wide range of geo-spatial data and applications that provide intelligent insights that decision makers need for strategic leverage of their business

Digital Transformational Initiatives

Moving beyond conventional GIS

  • IoT – Real-time visualization of live & stream data from connected sensors and devices from the Internet of Things ecosystem
  • Informational Edge through advanced Geo-Analytics – Capabilities for big data and geo-analytics to process massive data to perform deep and meaningful analysis to get spatiotemporal insights into your business data
  • Enterprise Integration – Integrate your existing GIS infrastructure with other enterprise business applications
  • Mobility – Application solutions for seamless multi-platform and multi-device support for data collection and visualization for logistics, mining and utilities
  • Pixels to Insights – Digital Image Processing & Machine Learning workflows for object recognition, land cover mapping, change detection, dynamic forecasting, storm water modeling etc.
  • AR and VR enabled – Applications which blend 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to provide enhanced view of your spatial data.

Technology Competencies

GIS Application Development Services

With a wide range of services and skills, NeST has extensive experience of delivering end-to-end solutions for different IT needs from ideas to system analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance and support. Our solutions are based on industry standard Agile and Waterfall models. Our GIS Application Development team has skill sets ranging from Net, JavaScript (React, Angular), Java, and Python. They have been part of implementing many custom tools within the GIS environment utilizing these domains.

  • GIS Web Application Development
  • GIS Mobile Application Development

GIS Web Application Development

  • Solution architecture, design, development & deployment of GIS applications on desktop, web/cloud and mobile platforms
  • Full life cycle application support for custom and enterprise wide GIS applications (Esri, Intergraph and Open Source technologies)
  • Geospatial Portal Development with functionalities viz:
    • Role-based user access and profile based services
    • Online editing tools
    • Navigation/Tracking/Measurement/Search & Query/Print options
    • Base map / Open layers / Imagery services
  • Stream/live data processing, data visualization tools, reporting tools etc.
  • Development of machine learning (ML) algorithms for automated feature extraction from image/point clouds
  • Design & development of interactive map-based analytics/dashboards
  • Map publishing services
  • Custom and 3rd Third party application integration services
  • Application Migration/Reengineering and Maintenance
  • Development of custom GIS data development applications from 3D point cloud data

GIS Mobile Application Development

  • OGC compliant mobile application development for facilitating collection of field data using mobile/tablets/UPDs
    • HTML5/CSS3/JSON technology, Sencha Touch framework, Native Development
    • PhoneGap technology
    • Access control through role based security
    • Java/Oracle Spatial/PostgreSQL/PostGIS
    • Deployment on iOS/Android platforms
    • Cloud environment through Amazon EC2
  • Field survey configuration/customization
  • Geotagged photo capture mechanism
  • Offline data collection facility for areas with limited/no internet connectivity
  • Cloud support for map & geocode services
  • Custom solutions for route tracking, navigation menus, redlines, text & measurement tools etc.

GIS Data Development Services

Since the utility of GIS is critically dependent on the availability of accurate spatial data, NeST has invested in creating a large, highly trained professional team of analysts, engineers and technical specialists who are specialized in data development and analysis in leading software platforms like Esri, ArcFM, Autodesk, Bentley, MapInfo, Erdas Imagine (Hexagon), FME, IBM Maximo, TerraSolid suite etc. More than 17+ years of expertise in mapping and GIS analytics services focused on various industrial verticals viz. cadastral & land administration, utilities (electric, water, telecom, gas & sewage), asset management, transportation etc.

  • Data Management
  • GIS Mapping Services

Data Management

  • Data Conversion / Migration (ETL) / Maintenance
  • Geographic database & spatial data infrastructure creation
  • Data content enrichment and map conflation
  • Metadata reporting based on industry standards (FGDC/ISO/OGC)
  • Remotely Sensed Data Processing & Accuracy Assessment – Image orthorectification workflows, digital image processing & enhancement, orthomosaic creation, advanced image classification and segmentation workflows, change detection etc.
  • Spatial data Accuracy Assessment and reporting based on standards like NMAS, ASPRS, NSSDA etc.
  • 2D/3D planimetric feature extraction, MRE design data development, 3D building / City modeling, BIM etc.
  • UAV/ Drone data processing – Advanced 3D solutions for drone/UAV based image and LiDAR processing for development of VR meshes, 3D point clouds, map scenes and other GIS products

GIS Mapping Services

  • Data digitization, enrichment, conversion, conflation and 3D mapping workflows
  • Image data processing viz. orthorectification, mosaic generation, image classification, change detection, development of raster algorithms etc.
  • Network data modeling and multi-modal transit network design support
  • ArcFM based GIS utility network modeling and advanced analysis (electric, telecom and water)
  • Geoprocessing services and implementation of ArcGIS for Insights for spatial/network analysis operations and visualization
  • 3D LiDAR point cloud processing (aerial and mobile) operations viz. data calibration, control correction, advanced classification/filtering, building modeling, terrain/DTM modeling, corridor mapping, tower/pole modeling etc.
  • Utility data modeling for electric/telecom/fiber (FTTH) networks and planimetric extraction of roadway assets and traffic signage from LiDAR point clouds

LiDAR Services

Large pool of professionals and analysts with expertise in 3D & LiDAR data processing (static/ mobile/ aerial) with focus in areas of Terrain Modeling, Flood Mapping, 3D City Modeling, Airport Obstruction Surveys, Corridor & Right of Way Mapping, Utility Network Design/MRE, Transportation Clearance Analysis, Asset Inventory & Signage, Forest Mapping etc.

  • High fidelity classification of mobile and aerial LiDAR by developing advanced filtering algorithms/macros
  • LiDAR data calibration and control correction workflows
  • Accuracy assessment and reporting of LiDAR data (FVA, CVA, SVA) using ASPRS standards
  • Terrain modeling, breakline creation and hydro-flattening workflows
  • Satellite image orthorectification workflows using LiDAR derived DTMs through sensor model + RPC based geometric correction.
  • 2D & 3D Planimetric feature extraction
  • 3D building models/ BIM modeling
  • Asset Inventory/ Signage/ Finished Floor elevations (FFE)
  • 3D Utility pole network modeling for MRE design and FTTH network planning, etc.

Consultancy Services

NeST GIS team of Domain and Functional Consultants has expertise in conceptualizing and architecting GIS solutions to meet and exceed our customer requirements. Our consultancy services include:

  • Business process modeling and Reengineering
  • Bid support & technical documentation services
  • System architecture & application design support
  • Data modeling and schema design
  • Process modeling using BPMN/ ITIL/ TOGAF frameworks
  • SME & GIS Cloud Implementation Support

Enterprise Architecting

  • State-of-the-art GIS based on comprehensive enterprise analysis, design and development.
  • Usage of industry best frameworks viz. TOGAF, ITIL, tmforum Frameworx.
  • GIS Consultancy & SME services to national and local government bodies and utilities.

Services and Solutions


Success stories in streamlining various aspects of utility operations viz. planning, production, distribution, operations, maintenance, field services etc.

  • GIS Integration experience
    • ERP and Asset Management software
    • Operational Technologies like SCADA, DMS etc.
  • Development of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • RFMS – GIS based Remote Fiber Management System for identification and mitigation of fiber network events/faults
  • Application development capabilities in ArcFM and Facility Management solutions from IBM
  • Utility Pole Modeling and Clearance Analysis for FTTH rollout and planning operations

Local Government

  • Consultancy & Application Development experience for County/City Administrations, Urban Planning bodies, Survey Departments etc.
  • Data Migration and application development services on Local Government Information Model, Survey Analyst etc.
  • Data Development and Survey Back Office Processing services related to landbase administration and maintenance.

Avionics & Maritime

  • Complete automation of Flight Path Generation practice, utilized by multiple flight operators across the world
  • Experience in Esri and other navigation mapping technologies for creating maritime and aeronautical charts

Facilities Management

  • Expertise in configuring Facilities Management applications from IBM
  • Integration of Asset Management applications with GIS
  • BIM / Revit Modeling

Risk & Disaster Management

  • Floodplain Mapping applications
  • Finished Floor Elevation (FFE) Survey tools
  • Esri based editing & plotting applications for the creation of flood insurance rate maps

Transportation & Logistics

  • Application and data development experience in multiple DoTs for ROW mapping, asset inventory, traffic signage etc.
  • Application development of Roadway Geometry calculation tools for Department of Transportation
  • Multimodal transit network modeling for metropolitan agency
  • Consultancy & Application development of logistics for ports, oil rigs and docks

Insurance Services

  • ArcGIS Server and Location Analyst based applications for risk management and underwriting policy formulation
  • Insurance planning based on natural hazard zonation mapping

Platform Competencies

GIS Application Development Competency

  • .Net / VB / ASP / PHP / Esri Map Objects
  • C / C++
  • Java / J2EE / JME
  • Esri / OpenLayers / Bing Map / Mapinfo APIs
  • VB Script / Java Script / Action Script
  • HTML / DHTML / XML / XSLT / Macromedia Flash player
  • FML / KML / SFS
  • ArcGIS Enterprise / SDE / ArcIMS / ArcGIS Pro / Insights
  • Oracle / Oracle Spatial / MySQL/ Postgre SQL / SQLServer
  • PHP / Perl / Apache
  • CSS3 / Sencha Touch
  • Open Source / Map Server / gvSIG
  • AutoCAD / AutoLISP / MicroStation / MDL
  • ArcGIS Online / Server / ArcGIS for Portal / ArcFM Server
  • Google Earth / Google Map APIs
  • FME / ETL / Interoperability

GIS Data & Analysis Competency

  • ArcGIS (10x and ArcGIS Pro)
  • Esri Extensions: 3D Analyst / Spatial Analyst / Network Analyst / Insights for ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Server / SDE / Arcl MS /Oracle Spatial Administration
  • AutoCAD: Autodesk Map / Map Guide / Civil 3D / Survey / Autodesk Revit
  • Bentley MicroStation (Select Series & Connect Editions)
  • Erdas Imagine/ Trimble eCognition / ENVI
  • QGIS / Mapinfo Pro
  • Pix4D / Drone2Map / Agisoft
  • TerraSolid suite / LASTools/ MARS / Fugro
  • Cloud Compare / 0-Cale / SpidaCalc
  • FME (Desktop & Server)
  • ArcFM / IBM Maximo



FliGIS is an aviation solution for analyzing and extracting the flight enroute parameters like maximum terrain height between way points, oxygen level profiles at a particular terrain heights etc., which in turn facilitates the complete automation of flight path generation for airliners. This product is highly popular among multiple airliners operating in India and Middle East. The product had also secured an award in the ESRI India user conference a few years ago.


NCloud is a customized Make-Ready Engineering (MRE) design solution for 3D modeling of utility pole networks for FTTH rollout operations. The solution provides high performance 3D point cloud visualization of LiDAR data and multi-user editing capabilities for feature extraction and pole modeling based on each project specific schema. The scalable design architecture based on custom schema, rigorous mathematical algorithms for 3D modeling & validation, centralized database architecture, integration with industry leading pole loading/analysis software etc. make the product ideal for fiber network planning, clearance analysis, asset inventory, signage and many other utility surveys.

OFC Network Inventory Tool

A web GIS application for remote fiber monitoring and tracking of exact physical locations of various fiber events in a network. Built using industry standard geo-spatial data models and telecom network protocols, it also provides tools for finding best/alternate routes, tracing OTDR, dynamic display of network assets among others.

Success Stories