Our BFSI practice is focused to provide comprehensive, integrated technology solutions to Global Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Solution Providers and Technology Companies. Through our innovative Digital Banking, Payment, Insuretech and Regulatory platforms, we help solve key challenges faced by Banks, Insurance and non-banking Financial Services companies.

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Leveraging our rich technical & domain expertise and competitive cost advantages, NeST works with Insurance solution providers and technology Companies to deliver Digital solutions, Product implementation, development, maintenance, migration and sustenance services relating to Core Insurance Administration products, applications, compliance, automated back-office operations and enhanced customer experience.

Digital Transformational Initiatives:

NeST – Insurance team provides digital transformation services mainly for the US Property & Casualty (P & C) industry, covering varied lines of business such as:

  • Personal Auto
  • Home Owners
  • General Liability
  • Inland Marine
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Package
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Business Owners
  • Crime
  • Dwelling Fire

Our experts have been providing 360 degree support services to the Proprietary Policy Administration and Claims Management systems deployed in various leading US P & C Insurance and Insurance Service companies.

Area Of Focus

  • ISO Electronic Rating Content (ISO ERC) Integration with leading Policy Administration platform to bring in ISO supported LOBs
  • Property & Casualty Claims processing and Billing/Payment Solutions – Development and Implementation.
  • Claims advisory systems – development and support
  • Commercial and Personal Lines of Business – Insurance Manual Analysis, Support and Development. Also, development of Insurance Policy Forms Design, composition and print Systems
  • Code Generation Solutions and Automation Testing Services
  • Legacy to modern tech migration, customizations, feature additions and business process re-engineering services
  • Apps development for mobile platforms

Technology Competencies

  • Insurance Technology Products – Development, Production support and maintenance.
  • Statistical Data Processing, Ordering/Claims Advisory and Claims Search systems – Development and Support
  • Enhancements and feature additions. Insurtech Platform conversions from. Legacy to Modern Technology Stacks.
  • Insurance Data Analytics and Transformation Services, Data Migration and Technology Re-Engineering Services. Also, Application Re-engineering and testing services.
  • Verisk Authorized partner for ISO ERC implementation and integration services
  • ACORD XML based mapping and transformations
  • Provide support for systems used in Rating services, reporting services, underwriting decision making & Print Systems
  • Integration Accelerators Development for Policy Administration and Claims Processing solutions with third party platforms for property estimation, loss cost calculations, address validation, payment and any other software needed for Insurance business implementations

Services and Solutions

Policy Administration, Claims and Billing Systems – Development and Implementation

  • Implementation and Development of Insurance technology solutions for Property and Casualty Insurance business.
  • Implemented many Lines of Business in many Policy Administration platforms for various US states, like Home Owners, Dwelling, Personal Auto, Commercial Auto, Commercial Property, Crime, Business Owners, Cyber, Commercial/Personal Umbrella etc. Experience in all major Personal and Commercial Lines of Business for various US states.
  • Property & Casualty Claims processing and Billing/Payment Solutions – Development and Implementation.
  • Verisk authorized partner for ISO Electronic Rating Content implementation and integration

Analysis of Insurance Manuals and Rating Systems

Commercial and Personal Lines Manual Analysis, Support and Development. ISO rating content implementation and integration with all leading Policy Admin platforms for supported lines of business in all US states.

Forms design, composition and print systems

Developed complex forms handling Solutions and Content Development, along with Printing systems, for all major US states and major lines of business for customers

Automation and Code Generation Solutions.

Automated testing services using various products like Selenium, Microsoft Test Manager etc and RPA using UIPath. Automated data transformation and code generation solutions using Altova Mapforce, Informatica.

Integration Accelerators Development for Insurtech Platforms

Integration Accelerators Development for Policy Administration and Claims Processing solutions with third party platforms for property estimation, loss cost calculations, address validation and any other software needed for LOB implementations. Integration with many payment gateway providers.

Insurance Data Analytics and ÀCORD based Transformation Services

Insurance Product/Systems Development, customizations, feature additions and business process re-engineering services for Insurtech partners on local and cloud platforms. ACORD XML based mapping, transformations and integration

Banking & Financial Services

Digital Transformational Initiatives:

NeST, as a group has always been at the forefront of embracing new age technologies. Banks and financial institutions are undergoing radical transformation due to the advent of new age digital technologies. Constant changes in banking trends and tightening of regulatory requirements have made it imperative for banks to be nimble footed and adopt the latest technological advancements to have an edge over competition. The customers of banks have also evolved with time and now expect personalized services enabled by digital solutions. The BFS team at NeST understands that we are duty bound to aid and abet in the digital transformation journey of our customers, be it through our digital payment products or by leveraging the new age digital technology landscape.

Area Of Focus

  • Compliance Banking Solutions
    • NeST has been a market leader and one of the premier companies in providing Central Bank mandated payment and other banking applications to some of the major banks in the Middle East, particularly in UAE. With its vast suite of products tailor made to help banks achieve compliance, NeST has been at the forefront of providing a plethora of compliance banking solutions in the payment space for banks in the Middle East
  • SWIFT Messaging and Messaging Translator Services
    • NeST is a recognized SWIFT partner, which is the world’s leading messaging service provider for banking transactions globally. One of the core services offered by NeST is the translator services for converting MT messaging format to MX messaging format. With the SWIFT partnership, NeST is empowered to provide Best in Class messaging services to the leading banks globally.
  • Digital Banking Solutions
    • With banks and their customers becoming more demanding in terms of personalized banking services, NeST is well equipped to empower banks leveraging the latest digital technologies, be it automation tools like RPA or AI, Blockchain to ensure transparency, social and mobile banking etc. In short, NeST helps in bringing banks and allied services to the customer’s finger tips, albeit digitally.
  • Cloud Computing
    • as more and more institutions across the globe have started realizing the benefits and advancements of hosting on the cloud, NeST can be your partner of choice for all your cloud migration needs. NeST enables the cloud philosophy by analyzing our customer’s existing application and technology landscape, then designing, then deploying and finally operating a portion of or its entire in-house IT infrastructure, software and resources to either a public, private or hybrid cloud environment best suited to the situation.
  • Software Consulting
    • Apart from building excellent and world-class software applications, NeST can be your strategic and consulting partner to help achieve maximum RoI for your software development initiatives. Our deep-seated knowledge in the banking domain, coupled with our vast repository of experienced professionals encompassing software development and consulting would help banks achieve high levels of efficiency in all their software transformation initiatives.
  • Staff Augmentation Services
    • The strength of NeST is the availability of a vast pool of dedicated resources with varied skillsets across technologies with screened and filtered CVs. Leave it to NeST to scale up or scale down resources for your IT development needs. NeST provides End-to-End staffing services from onboarding resources to off boarding and quick replacements providing multiple tangible benefits to customers like being able to focus on core competencies, faster time to markets, reduced overhead costs and flexibility to scale up and down on demand. NeST has been providing staff augmentation services for the vast majority of banks in UAE specializing in payment application projects. Trust NeST to deliver the best technical output by choosing resources from our talent pool.
  • Offshore Development Centers (ODCs)
    • Specialized and niche skilled resources are increasingly becoming a challenge for many institutions across the world to hire and retain. Flexibility to scale up based on demand and letting go during lean periods is a challenge too. The NeST offshore development center model is tailor made to alleviate all such operational problems of our banking customers, thanks to our well-established best in class industry practices in running multiple ODC projects.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions of Banks
    • NeST has helped large banks in UAE to seamlessly transform from two independent entities to a larger single entity either by way of a merger or by acquisition of a smaller entity. NeST can act as a strategic partner to enable the transformation without any hindrance to the regular operations of the bank and with minimal disruptions.
  • ISO 20022 messaging
    • NeST’s partnership with SWIFT and the strong domain expertise of the team at NeST make it ideal for NeST to bring about the envisaged changes in the financial messaging services space thereby enabling ISO 20022 migration, ISO 20022 messaging and ISO 20022 transactions.

Technology Competencies

  • Digital Technologies
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    • Artificial Intelligence & Bots (Chat Bots)
    • Cloud Enablement
    • Blockchain Assurance
  • Web Technologies
  • Mobility
  • Software Platforms
    • JAVA
    • C# / C++ / VB.NET
    • PHP
  • Tools
  • Desktop

Services and Solutions

Central Bank Compliance Products

NeST has been a market leader in the Central Bank mandated payment applications for the past many years catering to some of the big names in the GCC banking sector. NeST has a rich product suite of payment products, which have been proven best in class with close to 25+ banks in UAE alone who trust NeST to ensure regulatory compliance. Apart from products for the UAE market, NeST also has compliance products mandated by Bahrain, Oman and KSA Central Banks. Local UAE presence with a full-fledged office and an army of dedicated support engineers mean that our banking customers can rest easy even after the application has been implemented. NeST also has the unique advantage of being able to gear up to address all new initiatives of the Central Bank. The Unified Payment Solution acts as a single unifying umbrella for all the UAECB payment applications like DDS, FTS, WPS, ICCS, IPI and Biller module with multiple installations of the same in the region.

ODC & IT Staffing Solutions

NeST can be your one stop shop for all your IT resource requirements. Be it a requirement for something as low as one or for setting up a full-fledged Offshore Development Center, NeST is the best-suited partner for you. NeST has a vast experience of setting up multiple ODC models for Fortune 500 customers across the globe. NeST can provide End-to-End services with a very streamlined roadmap for ODC projects starting from infrastructure setup to hiring, upscaling and best in class delivery. With strict access control mechanisms and conformance to the latest and most advanced quality standards, NeST helps its customers realize varied benefits like access to world-class infrastructure, reduced overhead costs, ensuring business continuity, ability to focus on core competency, conformance to all regulatory standards, flexibility to scale up and down and faster time to market.

Digital Banking Solutions

Delivering personalized customer experiences has become imperative for bank’s across the world with the advent of handhelds and anytime anywhere banking channels. This leads to greater convenience and efficiency for both banks and its customers. NeST, as always was one of the first to identify this tectonic shift in consumer behaviors. NeST has been quick to deploy resources in multiple areas of digital enablement like AI, RPA, Mobility, Analytics, Chatbots and Blockchain, carrying out Proofs of Concepts (POCs) for many customers. With certified automation engineers and partnership with some of the global leaders in digital enablement, NeST is the harbinger in bringing about an absolute digital revolution for all our banking customers.

Application Development & Maintenance

NeST helps banks and financial institutions as a strategic partner by delivering highly efficient software solutions leveraging our domain expertise and rich repository of skilled resources. We offer an edge over competition by reducing time spent across all stages of application development lifecycle through automation. Be it a large agile transformation projects or building a small custom application for banks, NeST is geared up to deliver. Unlike many other solution providers, NeST does not follow a one-size fits all approach, rather a customized and tailor made approach to suit the need of the customer to help meet the desired business objectives. Our dedicated team of support engineers provide excellent post production support driven by SLAs.

Application Testing Services

NeST helps provide End-to-End testing services for applications that are being developed independently by a 3rd party solution provider. We provide testing services at any stage of the development lifecycle viz. Testing during development, Testing before release and Continuous testing during the application lifecycle. With a dedicated independent testing team and certified resources leveraging various test automation tools and framework, NeST is your trusted partner for all your QA needs.

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