The Hedgerows

The Hedgerows. A development brought to life by NEST, naturally.

Woore, in Shropshire, is a sleepy, fairly remote little village. Which is precisely what makes it so attractive to homebuyers looking to fulfil their dream of country living – and why The Hedgerows’ website needed to highlight the natural attractions of having a home there.

That, of course, means lots of countryside images, animal references and a generally ‘green’ feel, much like the brochure we also produced for the development. But underneath, this is one sophisticated website.

The home page offers snippets of what’s to come, including a wildlife gallery and idyllic street scene of how the homes will look; not to mention a link to an online page-turning version of the aforementioned brochure.

And as with our work for the Parklands development in Liverpool, it also features an interactive site map, updated in real time – so buyers can immediately see which plots are still available, and instantly click through to details of the homes they’re interested in. And in the location section, there’s even a gallery of local views and landmarks, to enable potential owners to get a real feel for the area.

Monitoring the site traffic has shown that it’s quickly become an invaluable sales tool for our client, who is delighted with the result – as they have been when working with us previously. But then, with a name like NEST, we were always going to be the natural choice.