Tensar content to keep customers in the know

When Tensar wanted to help customers understand the benefits of their geogrid products, the simplest way was to show them. Which meant NEST creating a series of online videos around a common theme: Keeping You In The Know.

The product, like the concept, is essentially simple: large, flexible plastic geogrids that ‘lock’ aggregate in place to strengthen and stabilise roads, construction sites and any weak ground. It’s easier to see how it works than to explain it in words (as you can tell!); which is why Tensar, one of the world’s leading innovators in geogrids, turned to NEST for equally innovative web content, doing just that.

Having helped create a major campaign around Tensar Road Technology to promote their products for use in UK highways projects, NEST was well-versed in the product’s benefits.

“We already had a good understanding of how the geogrids work”, said Matt Appleton of NEST. “The concept is beautifully simple when you see it – so we needed a distinctive video and graphics format that would showcase existing animations and footage in answer to various questions. Using members of the Tensar team proved to be ideal.”

One of Tensar’s key strengths is their experience and expertise, so each video is presented by a relevant expert from the client, who explains the answer in simple terms. To give the content a distinctive look colourful graphics pick out the key points, while existing animations explain the science of how geogrids work via the use of an iPad, held by the presenter.

The videos are available through their website, and have also been uploaded to Tensar’s YouTube channel, where each has already received around 1000 views!