Creating a brand film with a lot of bottle

Superglass, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of glass wool insulation, is one of our longest-standing clients. Having redesigned their website some years ago, we recently updated it to reflect their latest campaign featuring – you guessed it – bottles!

Glass wool insulation is an amazing product. As domestic insulation, it reduces energy bills substantially; but it has even greater eco credentials in that it’s made from as much as 84% recycled glass that would otherwise go to landfill.

In their latest marketing campaign, Superglass have highlighted how green their product (and production line) is – literally – by featuring wine bottles. Our team has produced a whole new suite of marketing materials to raise the brand’s profile amongst its primary markets, including house builders and builders’ merchants.

And a major part of the campaign is a stunning new brand film we’ve made, outlining the story and advantages of Superglass.

Created using the latest animated CGI techniques, this will be used to promote Superglass at a succession of trade exhibitions, on social media and via the client’s YouTube channel…as well as taking pride of place on the website home page.

Alongside sliders reflecting the ad messages and challenging their audience to have the bottle to ‘do the right thing’ and specify Superglass, the brand film makes a powerful feature on the website. Better still, we can track viewings to see how many visitors have responded – helping Superglass to gauge reaction to their campaign messages.