Sto Ventec

Constructing a high performing campaign for Sto’s high performance cladding.

StoVentec Glass offers architects strength and design options that other rainscreen systems can only dream of. Problem was, few in the UK realised its possibilities. So when Sto decided to create ‘The Glass Chain’ installation at their Clerkenwell design centre, they needed a way of using the exhibition to garner sales leads.

Combining our strengths, Nest and sister agency Northstar created a wide-reaching campaign centred on a microsite reflecting the exhibition but also having full technical details of the product. The bespoke site would be used to capture data from interested parties, and to direct architects and specifiers there we cast a wide net – spreading the message via everything from CPD presentations and emailers to both on and offline advertising.

Initially, the task was to find 100 sales leads from the campaign; by July, a month after the installation had opened, over 4,000 leads had been generated, which had been distilled down to almost 800 ‘hot’ leads who had positively engaged with the campaign in one way or another.

The aim now is to ‘close the loop’ with these, building a relationship through regular communication to tailor future campaigns to exactly the right people – in other words, those who are realistically likely to specify StoVentec Glass.

The campaign cost in the region of £50,000, and has produced 800 genuine sales leads for the product. More importantly, it’s already produced three live project leads being followed up by Sto’s sales team – any one of which could bring in sales worth at least six figures.