Crendon Timber Engineering

Giving Crendon’s roof truss business the support it needs.

Crendon Timber Engineering is one of the UK’s leading names in timber roof trusses, known for pioneering the concept 40 years ago. But since then, they’ve become just one of many manufacturers across the country, with their products seen as a ‘commodity’.

So summer 2016 they undertook in-depth research with almost 200 customers to look at ways they could improve their business to secure their future, also bringing about a culture change within Crendon itself.

Playing a key role in this change would be their website. Their existing site not only looked dated but had grown bit by bit over the years, to also become difficult to navigate. What they needed was a web presence that said more about the service and professionalism they offer, and made it easier to get straight to what visitors were looking for.

The result is a design that reflects the solid, dependable nature of the company, with the main messages highlighted on the home page. Navigation is simple, either by product type or customer type, with technical information and downloads all easily accessed.

Better still, the site has had something of a unifying effect at Crendon, helping to bring together its many disparate branches across the country under one banner and lending support to the company’s internal culture change.